Why You Must Prepare For Negotiations Like Babe Ruth

How many times and for how long do you think a Broadway actor prepares for his first performance, or even for subsequent performances? How many months are they in rehearsal?

Actors and athletes, certainly professional athletes, use a similar practice-to-performance model.

For example, in baseball, there’s spring training, but there’s also practice, practice, and more practice in between, and prior to, games. How many thousands of hours of practice does a star batter devote to his handful of minutes at bat each game? It makes all the difference in his career.

Why do you think that negotiating a contract or putting together a healthcare business deal is any different? It’s not.

There are hours, days, weeks, and even months or years of preparation that go into negotiating a successful deal. There’s also the required exploration of the deal’s impact on other elements of your business.

Perhaps you don’t spend that time, but the chances are high that if there’s a true business operation on the other side of the deal, they will. So, how do you think things are going to work out for you?

Do you think you can just show up at bat, swing, and hit a home run? No one can.

Not even Babe Ruth was that lucky.

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Mark F. Weiss



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