Sep 11 2017

Hundred Year Floods, “Worst Storm Ever,” and Protecting Your Business From The Future

The sky just opened as I type this. Water is pouring down as if a fire hose broke a few feet above the roofline.

If rain doesn’t start incrementally — little fractures of the clouds before the big great burst — why do we suppose that problems in business will always arise slowly such that they can be nipped in the bud?

There might not be any bud at all.

Hundred year flood levels, “worst force” storms, and seismic levels informing building codes are simply constructs based on the past, not actual limits on the future. After all, the force of the “worst storm ever” exceeded what was previously thought to be the “worst storm ever.”

We can and should draw some level of comfort, and some level of projection forward, from the past, but by no means should we lull ourselves into thinking the future will simply yield the same or even a straight-line progression from it.

What is your medical group or business doing to prepare for a worse than “worse” case scenario? What are you doing to hedge against it? What are you doing to benefit from it?

Turkeys think that the farmer loves them. After all, the farmer provides all the food they can eat and all the water they can drink. Life’s good! Until a few weeks before Thanksgiving, that is.

Don’t be a turkey.

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Mark F. Weiss


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