Right now there is a so-called national group or large regional group that wants to take your practice, your patients, your profits.

The national and regional groups have sales people and even telemarketers targeting hospitals, dialing for your dollars.

This is NOT an issue that's restricted to states that without a prohibition on the corporate practice of medicine  --  they can structure around that.  

This is NOT an issue only for the traditional hospital-based specialties but for a growing number of other practice specialties as well.  

Hospitals have become receptive to many of these groups, in part because they can be used to break down traditional referral pattern relationships, leading to the hospitals' implementation of a hospital-centric view of healthcare.  In other words, commoditized groups are not the only danger -- there's a good chance that the hospital wants to control your practice, too.  ACOs.  Physician alignment.  Employment or loss of your privileges.

In essence, you're at the Great Junction, the fork in the road, one route leading to further commoditization of healthcare with fungible providers, many of whom will be paraprofessionals, and the other leading to business independence and high quality medical care.

We've designed The Practice Protector ProcessTM for those groups that want to take the road of preserving your practice, your patients and your profits.  

A total approach, it's based on a close relationship, fixed monthly fees, and satisfaction guaranties.

To download our complimentary RedPaper, Avoid The Loss of Your Practice in 2012: An Introduction to the Practice Protector ProcessTM, click here.