Q & A's with Mark F. Weiss

Q & A #1:

Kickbacks: The Company Model and Beyond

Q & A #2:
Mark F. Weiss responds to a question about ways that medical groups can increase their income.
Q & A #3:
Mark F. Weiss responds to a question about the required coverage of a new service area at a loss, as condition to renewal of an exclusive contract.
Q & A #4:
Mark F. Weiss responds to the question of whether hospital CEOs really want your hospital based group to succeed. You might be surprised.
Q & A #5:
Mark F. Weiss answers a question about the importance of bringing new leaders into your group.
Q & A #6:
Mark talks about the likely outcome of price competition by large anesthesia management companies; lower physician reimbursement and displacement of CRNAs.
Q & A #7:
Mark outlines a new model for entrepreneurial anesthesia group leaders: a center of excellence practice.

Q & A #8:
Mark addresses the issue of hidden uses of employment agreements.
Q & A #9:
Mark discusses the fact that many medical groups fail from the inside.
Q & A #10:

Mark discusses a psychological tactic to use in face to face meetings with the hospital CEO.