Thursday, August 27

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Wednesday, August 26

“Physicians, Lower Your Expectations” And Other Manipulation

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Why A 59 Year Old Deli Is a Case Study For Your Medical Practice

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Tuesday, August 18

Control The Document To Control The Deal

Monday, August 17

Hospital Turns $1 Million Of Collections Into $24 Million Of Potential False Claims Act Liability

Thursday, August 13

Same Company. Two Different Experiences. One Big Failure

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Employment Insecurity

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Fined For A Potential HIPAA Violation!

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Profiting From 3-D Printed Pills

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Wednesday, August 5
Do You Know This Key To Negotiation?

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Do You Understand The Power Of What You’re Really Selling?
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Why It’s Done This Way

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How To Use Red Teams To Strengthen Your Business

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Obama And The Teachable Moment On Negotiation

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Customer Service

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Here’s A Tip About Physician Compensation

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Pharmacies Poised To Disrupt Primary Care Medicine (And Referrals From There?)

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The Pharmacy Will See Your Patients Now

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Why Taking Control Is A Smart Contracting Tactic